Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Cosmetic Dentist in New York Knows What It Takes To Achieve a Pearly Pink Smile

Your bedazzling smile can win million hearts if you are a native of the place like New York City. However, if your teeth are stained, misaligned, missing or crooked then, even the most hilarious jokes cannot force you to burst into laughter. Therefore, in case you are considering having a smile makeover, visit a cosmetic dentist New York clinic.
New York City, the Big Apple boasts of highly rated cosmetic dental practitioners, who have a clientele comprising of the dazzling Hollywood celebrities. From restoring a petite chip on a front tooth to designing a complete rehabilitation, a cosmetic dentist can transform your smile and change your life.
Cosmetic dentist can artistically improve your Smile-
Teeth Whitening: Although numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening products and home kits are available for whitening teeth, only a few of them can restore the natural whiteness of the stained or discoloured teeth. Furthermore, frequent use of teeth bleaching products without expert supervision can corrode the teeth enamel. Only an expert in cosmetic dentistry can provide your teeth the desired whiteness. Teeth whitening procedure is effective and safe only when it is carried out by a cosmetic dental practitioner in NYC. With proper dental care and hygiene, the whitening can last for almost a decade.
Enhancing shape, colour and size of teeth: Another method of improving the colour of your teeth and eliminating the stains at a cosmetic dentist New York clinic is with dental veneers. The porcelain laminate dental veneers bind easily with the tooth covering stains, amending the position of misaligned teeth, filling gaps and rectifying other aesthetics flaws in the dentition.
Shielding and Restoring Weak Teeth: To restore a decaying or weak tooth, you must visit a cosmetic dental practitioner. Cosmetic dental practitioners can protect your teeth with dental crowns. They will cement a dental crown to a decaying, weak or broken tooth to avert it from loosening. Moreover, crowns are utilized for disguising dental implants and discoloured teeth. They help to support bridges. They are also utilized by dentists for protecting teeth following root canal procedure.
Different kinds of materials are utilized for manufacturing a crown. Your dental practitioner will tell you whether all-porcelain crown, porcelain fused to metal crown or all-metal crown is the most suitable for your teeth.
The aim of the dental procedures provided by a cosmetic dentist New York clinic is to improve your smile and overall appearance. The cosmetic dental procedures have become a rage among young New Yorkers, as they do not want to settle for “Nothing Less than Perfect” and want to “flash a Picture-Perfect Smile”. A happy and healthy smile is your passport to better life, and a cosmetic dentist makes this possible.
A cosmetic dentist New York clinic helps to achieve healthy teeth for a beautiful smile. Visit for further details on different cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cosmetic Dentist gives Prominence to awaken People in New York about TMJ Syndrome

Do you know anything about TMJ i.e. temporomandibular joint, the most important joint that controls the most important movements of our mouth? If you do not, then probably you know nothing about disease associated with this called, “TMJ Syndrome”. Below is a reconstructed extract of a speech delivered by a cosmetic dentist New York, in a dental health care seminar.
Ladies and gentle man, I welcome you all in this dental health care seminar and I would like to divert your attention towards an imperative joint of our mouth known as temporomandibular joint and acronym as TMJ. I want you to place your index fingers, just in front of ears, just next to the area where upper jaw meets the lower one. After arriving at the told position, please try opening and closing your mouth to the level you do it while you eat, bite, yawn or talk. I believe all of us can feel a joint, this is what we call TMJ and all of us understand why we pronounced it as an integral part of our mouth. When one face any problem with this particular joint, is called to be patient of TMJ syndrome. Now let us understand the causes behind this devastating problem:

  • An accident: most of people that visit cosmetic dentist New York are found to be a sufferer of accident. In medical terms, this is known as Trauma. This trauma is further divided into two parts such as Micro trauma also known as bruxism, caused due to grinding of teeth and jaw tightening Macro trauma in which a person bears a deadly smash on his face or have a direct and severe collision with airbags, at this particular joint area, chances of jaw bone fracture or TMJ dislocation increases.
  • Stress: New Yorkers cannot deny from the level of stress they are going through in their life. This stress is a root cause of many problems including TMJ syndrome, because a person in stress normally complaints about body ache, sleeping disorders and muscle tightening. This is what results in irregular pressure on temporomandibular joint and finally, a disorder.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: the inflammation caused by this disease eventually results in joints and later on it affects the temporomandibular joint. This particular problem is face by kids and as the stages increases, the disease results in destruction of cartilage and grind down the bone.
  • Osteoarthritis: as the age increases, this TMJ is prone to get disturbed like other joints of body. So, they cannot be stopped from not having and only a good dentist can help one with this problem.

  • Finally, I would like to close my discussion by saying that chewing excessive bubble gum, nail biting and birth defects resulting in misaligned teeth are main cause behind this TMJ syndrome. To know more about it, book you appointment with a cosmetic dentist New York today.
    A cosmetic dentist New York clinic helps to achieve healthy teeth for a beautiful smile. Visit for further details on different cosmetic dentistry procedures.