Thursday, December 27, 2012

Things you must know about dental filling !

Nowadays people have to face many dental problems due to their eating habits, most commonly the cavities, which are the main cause of dental troubles, whether it is a kid or an elderly person. Though, there might be any reason for the cavities but most commonly, but it is found that people who consume a lot of sweets (chocolates, candy, cakes etc.) generally have to face such dental problem.
However, even if one makes sure to brush their teeth regularly, then also cavities are such an unavoidable consequence which people have to face at least once during their lifetime.
Now you must be wondering if regularly brushing is not the only solution, then what else could be done to avoid cavities.
The foremost thing needed to be done is, to schedule an appointment with a dentist at least twice in a year. This is crucial, because without checkup one may have to face with more worsen results like dental loss. The only viable option in that case for you is to go for tooth filling in NYC.
Before heading up for filling, read on the points mentioned below that would guide you for the dental filling procedure:
  • Methods to determine the tooth loss: Most commonly a dentist uses metal equipment that has a sharp tip, to see the decay properly. Secondly, X-rays are a great help for a dentist to see the smaller cavities. Lastly, laser fluorescence detection aid is also another measure to see which is especially useful for pit and fissure areas.
  • Permanent versus temporary filling: One should always opt for permanent filling as they would never wear out easily as compared to temporary ones. Moreover, why to waste on money on temporary filling, as one would have to visit dentist unnecessary, over and over again.
  • Types of filling: A dentist would tell you about different types of filling like silver amalgam (made of silver, tin, copper, zinc and mercury), composite (tiny pieces of silica), ceramic, glass ionomers and gold filling etc. And it’s totally upon one's own to choose as to which one they want to go for (according to one's budget, as all fillings vary in prices). Commonly amalgam is preferred more due to its feature of longevity, lesser cost and strength.
  • Precautions after the procedure: After filling, one would feel uncomfortable for few weeks due to slight uneven surface in the tooth that weren’t there before. But one needs to keep patience and keep in mind not to grind the filled teeth before it fully harden .
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